Patrols will start this year on Saturday 29th September 2018

The 2018/2019 Patrol Roster and Patrol Teams List is now available for download.  

Unable to make a regular patrol? Download the applying for Specials Patrols here

Specials 2018-19


I can't make my Patrol

What to do if you are unable to make your rostered patrol?
If you are a Bronze medallion holder and are unable to make your regular rostered patrol, you are required to organise a ‘substitute’ to do your patrol for you.  This is to ensure we have adequate coverage on the beach at all times.

a.      Log onto the SLS Members Area go to the 'Patrols' tab then click on 'Patrol Swap'.  Detailed information can be found in the SLS Members Portal Guide.

b.      Speak to your friends or members who you did your Bronze with and see if they are able to swap a patrol for you.

c.     If you are still unable to find a sub, contact your Patrol Captain and they will attempt to find you the relevant cover.

d. The Surf Club Facebook group (Coogee Surf Life Saving Club is antoher tool to try and find a sub.  You can find this link on the Surf Club website (bottom right hand corner)

Now that we are at the beginning of the season, we encourage all members to sit down and highlight the dates/times you are rostered for patrol this season.  If any of these dates clash with other commitments, you could try to organise a sub for these patrol dates in advance of the patrol dates you know you are unable to attend.

Being organised and prepared is key and will avoid any issues on patrol day or in the days leading up to the patrol when at the last minute a substitute can’t always be organised, resulting in penalty patrols being incurred.
We appreciate that on occasions situations can arise and you have no time to organise a sub. If this happened, make sure you contact your Patrol Captain and explain the situation.  This at the very least will prepare them for the upcoming patrol and they can either attempt to organise a sub on the day for you or provide substitute alternatives.  

Patrol Handbook

Download the Patrol Handbook for more information on the club and your patrolling obligation from the members only section


Proficiency/Skills Maintenance Dates 

All Active and patrolling members are required to complete a skills maintenance session each calendar year. That means all sessions must be completed by 31 December each year to maintain the skills gained in IRBC/D, Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), Bronze Medallion (BM) and other higher awards (ARTC and Spinal).
For more information on the specific requirements for each award, please see this SLSNSW Education document.

Remember SM is not a test anymore, we understand that after a long winter it may have been 12 months since the last time you did 2 person CPR or a Run-swim-run, so we want you to be confident in your ability and with the equipment before you hit the sand this season.

If you would like some handy tips or a quick refresher ahead of time go to the SLS Members Area  (the one where you pay your fees) there is a great selection of training videos under Education – Bronze Medallion – Videos, you might even recognise some of the actors.

Three of club-wide sessions will be conducted between the start of season and 31 December 2018.  These will include sessions for SRC, BM, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART), Spinal, IRBC and IRBD.  


  • Sunday 23 September 2018
  • Saturday 20 October 2018
  • Saturday 17 November 2018

BMIRBD & CREW - 6:00am
BM & SRC - 7:00am
ARTC - 8:30am
Spinal - 9:30am


Yes, Members selected by the Lifesaving Committee will be authorised as a Skills Maintenance Delegate and be able to run an SRC or BM skills maintenance session on patrol for members.
The decision to run a session will be at the discretion of the Patrol Captain and will only be authorised if conditions permit. These are probably easier to do early in the season before the beach gets too busy, so don’t wait until December and miss out.
No higher awards will be able to be assessed on patrol.
If a member remains non-proficient in any award for a period of 3 continuous years or more, then they are required to go through SLSNSW’s in-depth proficiency process. You must contact the Skills Maintenance Officer if this is applicable and an individual session time will be arranged.



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