Patrol Comp wrap-up

Thank you all PCs for organising your teams so well to attend the Patrol Competition in some interesting and variable weather conditions combined, as usual, with our traditional Coogee Surf easing over the reef (or Lake Lice as it should probably be known).

After a sluggish Sunday morning start, some good natured ribbing and a call to the line, the general thrill of competition took hold and game faces were brought to bare. There were many polite offers of advice (read sledging) between the teams, and there were some motivational gems urging unlikely performance improvements based on blood/alcohol ratios and limited sleep. Pod's camp fire style psyche session clearly an example of this although the confused looks on the faces of P6 was a treat to behold.

We had a total of 78 members across 12 teams turn out to compete for this prestigious award which made a mighty fine sight as all contended the run swim run, everyone finishing with smiles and energy to burn - a season's worth of training quite evident amongst those in the show.

Two heats and a final for the board rescue event showed some raw talent amongst our youngsters giving some of the older members a lesson in how it should be done.

The 2-station CPR show drew some healthy interest from those patrols waiting their turn and I'm glad to say provided our competitors opportunity to shine in the less glorified activity - well done all.

Finally, the PC's race drew a number of stand ins along with the usual suspects making the finish a little challenging to judge - footage is still being reviewed but the judges (and some token still shots) clearly gave the top 6 places.

Fabulous performances by everyone on the day and I hope a great time had by all involved. I know I had a great sense of pride in seeing so many wanting to be included and the wonderful camaraderie amongst the teams. It is clearly evident that our Club strength continues to build in all things Lifesaving - let's hope this provides our fantastic Patrol Competition team further motivation in their goal of a medal at the National Championships.

The marks are now in and these along with the various forms of patrol activity feedback (keep those coming), patrol inspection reports (scenarios, etc) will all be tallied and go toward the final result handed down at the end of the season.

~ Dave Winkle, Club Captain

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