Weekend at Garie 9th & 10th February

Coogee maintained it's obligation in providing patrolling members to Garie the weekend before last and I am happy to say that despite the challenges Garie presents on any given patrol the 3 members that turned up on Saturday and Sunday did a magnificent job of setting up and maintaining a full active patrol for both days. Prior to the storms of late Sunday the beach was as busy as it can be on a sunny weekend down at this tranquil spot in the National Park and with the tide dropping to a seemingly impossible low the simple challenge of launching the duck from waters edge at start of patrol became a 35M haul of hope by lunch time.
Both the seas and its patrons became mighty confused with the southerly breeze hitting the NE swell on Sunday and before lunch the hectic southerly sweep became a northerly one resulting in an entertaining moment as swimmers began to vacate the flags in both directions. Fortunately with the 3 of us on deck it was a breeze to maintain order with our flexible triangle formation, a willing smile and practised repartee, the clear statement of "please make your way back to the lifesaver in the middle and start again" coming from both ends of the flags seemed to work a treat.
As statistics will show we had our fare share of preventatives, first aids and rescues but with a minimum number on patrol prevention was the order of the day and this weekends patrons did their absolute best to comply. "Geez that current's strong mate", "I started off in the flags" were common come backs from those tired few who eagerly wandered back to their towels and of course "where's the safest spot to go in then" from those overseas visitors who on observing the antics of the few thought it wise to get some advice - it wasn't long before they too were seeking the comfort of their own striped fluffy ones.
My thanks to the two Garie members Mike & Jess who joined me on Saturday to tease the happy go lucky out of the southerly sweep and back into the flags and once again to Mike who joined me again on Sunday along with Rona who ventured down for the day. A cameo from Breesie brought a smile to my dial as he jumped from the Burning Palms duck on another supply mission for that far away beach. Ever quick witted he reminded us that signals are still used even when you are down here on holiday.
And that is where I'll end this little report of a "Weekend at Garie"; all of the above is why I still go, they still need our help, which is what I wanted to show, it challenges you constantly but here's the go, it's not just a holiday - it really helps you grow.
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