Member welfare

Code of Conduct

Coogee SLSC Code of Conduct

Coogee SLSC expects all members, supporters and associates of the club to respect the SLSA Code of Conduct and recognise that they have a responsibility to a duty of care to all SLSA members at all times.

SLSA General Code of Conduct

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others
  • Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others, and be a positive role model
  • Make a commitment to providing quality service
  • Be aware of, and maintain an uncompromising adhesion to SLSA’s standards, rules, regulations and policies
  • Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with persons under 18 years of age
  • Contribute to the provision of a safe environment to the conduct of all activities within surf lifesaving.

Surf Life Saving Team Leaders, Team Managers, Age Managers, Coaches, Officials, Athletes, Administrators/Directors/Officers and Parents/Guardians are also bound by additional Codes of Conduct depending on their roles within the organisation.

View the full SLSA Code of Conduct


Child Protection

SLSA Child Protection Policy

Coogee SLSC is committed to providing a safe, supportive, enjoyable environment for children through the SLSA Safeguarding Children and Young People Program. The program recognises the importance of protecting young people under the age of 18 from abuse, harm and exploitation.

Resources, webinars and online training courses are available to every club member to establish clear guidelines for appropriate behaviour when engaging with children and young people. To learn more about how you can protect our children and young members, please contact the Coogee SLSC Member Protection, Welfare and Support Team or read the Safeguarding Children Handbook.

All Coogee SLSC members who work with children and young people are required to complete the Surf Life Saving’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Awareness Course. To ensure you are recognised for completing the course, please login to the Members Portal first. Access to the course can be found in Memberships > Courses > Login to ELearning > Training Library >  SLS > Safety and Wellbeing (View Courses) > Safeguarding Children and Young People Awareness.

Play by the Rules also offer a free Child Protection online course that provides a certificate of completion.

NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC)

Coogee SLSC have a strong interest in keeping children safe. As a club, we comply with the Child Protection legislation where all members in child-related roles are required to have a WWCC. A WWCC is needed if you are a Committee Member (Senior or Nippers), trainer, coach, mentor, or help with Nippers and are not a parent. Nipper parents do not need a WWCC for working with Nippers. For more information please read the Child Protection and the NSW Working With Children Check guidelines.

To apply for a WWCC please follow the process below and email your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH & YOUR APPROVED WWCC CERTIFICATE to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Apply for a NSW WWCC

SLSA Reporting Guidelines

All Coogee SLSC members have a responsibility to speak up if they become aware of, or observe something considered inappropriate, please follow the guidelines below.

All reports submitted will be treated in confidence and with the utmost respect for all those involved.

Guide to Making a Report

Make a Child Protection Report


Bullying and Conflict Resolution


Coogee SLSC will not tolerate bullying of any kind. Bulling is usually an act that is repeated over time that can have lasting and damaging effects on people. Bullying can take many forms:

  • Verbal bullyinglike name calling, teasing, putting someone down or threatening.
  • Physical bullyinglike scratching, hitting, poking, punching, kicking, tripping, spitting, breaking someone’s things, pulling faces or making rude hand signals.
  • Social or Psychological bullyinglike embarrassing someone in public, spreading rumours, alienating, ignoring or excluding, stalking, lying or playing horrible jokes.
  • Cyber bullyingwhere technology has been used to hurt someone else by sending hurtful messages, pictures or comments.

All Coogee SLSC members have a responsibility to speak up if they become aware of, or observe something considered inappropriate. Please contact a member of the Coogee SLSC Member Protection, Welfare and Support Team  or follow the SLSA Reporting Guidelines.

Conflict Resolution

Coogee SLSC members are invited to complete the free online Complaint Handling Training course offered by Play By the Rules. The course focuses on complaint resolution, member protection and the law, communication skills and ethical and practical considerations.


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Patrol Swaps

Active members are reminded of their commitment to their patrol. Failing to turn up can not only cause the patrol to be left short but consistent absence can lead to suspension of your membership.

In the past, finding a sub for your patrol committment involved personal contacts or public posts on Facebook. This is no longer required.

Surf Life Saving now has a system through the online portal (the one you renewed your membership with) that shows your patrol roster and provides the ability to search or accept a patrol sub.  

The attached the guide outlines how to request or accept a patrol substitute.

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Patrols start on Saturday 28th September 2019. First patrol team is Patrol 12, PC Michael Barnes.

The 2019-2020 Season Patrol Roster can be downloaded here: 

Patrol Members Handbook can be downloaded here:


All patrolling members are required to complete Skills Maintenance, for all awards, every year by 31st December.

You must also pay your membership fees before patrolling.


Skills Maintenance dates:


Saturday 30th November 2019

  • 6.00am: IRB
  • 7.00am: Bronze Medallion
  • 8.30am ART / Spinal



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IRB Crew Course

Expressions of interest required to join next IRB Crew Course

Training Sessions  

Thu 23/10/2014 > Intro night at shed 7pm – 10pm
Sat 25/10/2014 > Session 1 (5.45am  – 9.30 am)
Sun 26/10/2014 > Session 2 (5.45am  – 9.30 am)
Sat 1/11/2014 > Session 3 (5.45am  – 10.00 am)
Sun 2/11/2014 > Session 4 (5.45am  – 10.00 am)
- Note that although the intention is for the exam to be 2/11/2014, if conditions are unsuitable this can be held over until conditions permit.
- Candidates must attend every session else will not be enrolled
- Candidates must be enrolled for season 2014/15 and financial
- Candidates must be a minimum of 15 years old on date of final assessment and bronze proficient
- Course fills up quick with a maximum of 16 candidates so enrol ASAP

To enrol please supply name, age, patrol, email address & mobile number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy35061 + '\' style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px; text-align: left;" target="_blank">'+addy_text35061+'<\/a>'; //-->

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