A Club Member Supports the Sponsors

A Day in the Life of a Club Member Supporting their Sponsors

Coogee Surf Club has lots of marvellous sponsors and it doesn’t always cross our minds when looking for things we need to think “maybe a sponsor for the Club can help me”.

To give members some idea I would like to run through what could be a typical day in the life of a Club Member.


All I had for breakfast was a Berocca which was still in its Blooms the Chemist bag (might need to stock up on Panadeine on the way home), as I remembered the great meal and night we had had at the Coogee Bay Hotel bistro and kicked on into the beer garden.  As I wait for the bus I quickly grab a cup of coffee from Chish n Fips.


On the bus, I was flicking through my new managed superannuation portfolio from Macquarie Private Wealth with the confidence that my future well-being was finally being looked after for me.  I was excited as I was thinking of the new car that I was picking up after work.  The process of getting a car loan from Sydney Credit Union was so seamless and at last I will have my own set of wheels.


During the day I got a chance to check my personal emails and noticed what was on at the local Clubs with various trivia, raffles, entertainment and meals at all my favourite local Clubs the Coogee Diggers, Randwick Labor Club and South Juniors.


I made a note to myself to call Coogee First National during the day, to talk about what was happening in the local property market.  Interest rates can’t be getting much lower and James will surely have the “good oil”.  No doubt Clovelly Community Bank will look after our new home loan with that local community banking flair when we need it.


We are moving offices at work in January.  Our new building is managed by Savills, and I was excited that we will be getting a whole range electronic equipment from Harvey Norman Commercial for the staff to enjoy, including (believe it or not) a new 55” TV for staff to watch the “news” during the day.  I was also looking forward to using our new laptops which we got through Nexon.  Can’t wait to get rid of the old clunker.


Thinking ahead for the weekend, I think we will head to Wylies for a dip, followed by a training session on the Randwick Rotary mal (which is sitting in the Ultimate Framework rack in the board shed) with its logo put on by Look Design and then head down to rugby to watch those Galloping Greens.  My next decision will be “what to wear”...  perhaps my CEJ Fashion Touring team polo – always looks good!


Sunday I will probably recover in our Paul & Carol Graham fitted out gym followed by a beer in the Ocean Room for a great wind down.


So members, you can easily see how sponsors can touch every aspect of our lives.  Please think about them with your day to day decisions.

Best wishes to all.

Rob Yeldon

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