Aussies - Boaties' wrap-up

Before I commence this report I would like to ask that you take a moment out of your day to remember young Matthew Barclay. We did not know Matthew but I'm sure he was like the rest of us... just out there 'hav'n a go'.  I think his family would be more than honoured if we just kept him in our thoughts.
So now I bring you the results of the 2011-12 Australian Titles for the Coogee Boat area:
4th - Coogee Prawns (Reserves)
6th - Coogee U/23 female

What a weekend of competition. I wont give you a race by race rundown because it all seems like a blur now but it all kicked off with the Masters on Monday. The boys finished 4th in a hotly contested division. It was great to have the boys at the carnivals this year and I'm sure they will follow up next year with some bullion. The crew: Squiz, Snapper, Trev, Bikechain, Scez
Both junior crews competed exceptionally well. My boys put their best start to a race together for the 1st heat but an unfortunate setback on the way to the can put us out of contention and an early ticket to the pig pen! A great learning experience for the boys and a fantastic year to boot. An equal 2nd at the Branch Titles being their highlight for the year! I was very proud of their efforts.
Snapper's boys... well they exceeded everyone's expectations for the season. Just a bee's willy out of making the top 12 in Australia, the boys can give themselves a pat on the back for being the biggest improvers for the season! Aussies was probably their highlight plus a top 12 finish at State, and 6th at the Best of the Best. Snapper must take credit for their success. He managed to curb their tardy ways and turn them into fine young athletes (they're now down to a pack a day!!).
Most of the boys move up to Colts next year and all have committed themselves to the Coogee Colts programme (well so they told me last Sunday night on the turps). Eat up over the off season boys, I want you all 5-10kg's heavier by pre-season. You thought the training this season was hard! You ain't seen nothin' yet.
The U/23 girls... Wow! Their first Aussies together as a crew and a finals birth. Backing up from a 2nd at State, the girls had form on the board. An accomplished sweep was heard saying that he had never seen someone (Bec) so excited to make a final in his life! He said It reminded him of how hard it is to make an Aussie final and to never take it for granted. This was certainly true as no one was going to wipe the smile from Bec's face. A great row from the middle ally in the final but huey was not smiling on the girls and they crossed the line in a brilliant 6th position. This is the last year for Grace and Olive as U/23's. Well done to the girls who put together such a professional season. Put this Aussies experience to good use and see you all next season.
The Prawnys... I asked one thing of the boys at the start of the year - consistency! Every race has to be perfect! They delivered just that on the Sunday of Aussies. At our race debriefs I had nothing to say to them because they rowed each race perfectly. Well done boys on 4th. By the way I was just checking some stats and out of 12 carnivals the boys made 9 finals and finished 3rd or better in 6 of those finals. This was Uppie's 2nd Aussies since starting out as a colt in the original Prawns some 7 or 8  years ago. I think a real tradition has now surrounded the name and it shall live on!
As Coota said on the beach after all the racing had finished: "Not bad for a re-building year!". Coogee is now equipping more rowers and sweeps with the means to win Australian finals. Our very young area has gained a great deal of experience in the past 12 months. I believe we can now go on and win an Australian titles... so 'Have a Go!'.
I would like to thank the following people who have helped along the way:
Vice Boat Captain: Olive
Trainers: Coota and Pete
Sweep Coaches: Noisy, Cro, Termite, Lemo
Senior rowers: Lee Hume, Ben Burdett, Squiz (sweep too), Benny Bartolo, Scezza
Sponsors: Trevor Folsom, Luna, Ian North & Express Glass
Gear movement: Scanners, Tone, Karen and the club
*I'm sure I have missed someone  but I will do a formal thank you at the Golden rowlock night.
A building is only as good as its foundation. The bigger the foundation, the taller the building. Coogee is steeped in rowing history, we are fortunate to have the support that we do and its these people that hold Coogee in good stead now and into the future. Next year our aim is to field more divisions and strengthen upon the year we've had. Have a great off-season away from boats and see you in September. Actually I will see you all at the Golden Rowlock in June.
And remember...Train Hard!

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