Boatie news: Nth Narabeen wrap-up

Well we're almost there! One full week of training left before we set sail for sunny QLD, then no more long winded emails from yours truly. Last Saturday was the "Best of the Best" boat carnival held at North Narrabeen. Not even the wet miserable day could dampen Coogee's performance as, once again, we showed that we are serious contenders for some bullion in a week and a half's time.
1st  -  PRAWNS (Reserve division)
2nd  -  U/23 female
6th  -  Coogee Snappers (Junior mens division)
Each crew had to qualify to compete at this event which meant there was a select gathering of crews from each metropolitan area. A small 2-foot wave with some light chop out the back and a very long row drew the day out a little longer than what it should have been, but made for some great training pre-Aussies.
The Prawns, having rowed well the past few weeks, put some great back to back rows together. Uppy's porno faces on the way to the can in the final will be something I will cherish forever...and no doubt have re-occurring nightmares about! Mick Leary, finally recovered from a 1-week-enduro bucks party to Bangkok just prior to Pac Palms, regained his flare to lead the boys to a gold in the Ressys division. If their sweep can keep the boat straight then sky's the limit for these boys.
The girls keep ticking things along very nicely indeed. A great result for a crew who were a little jaded by illness and a tough week of training. The girls showed a lot of grit and determination to row back into a second position and closing in on 1st position very fast!
The juniors were the surprise package again. Their starts have been their strength and I believe they got off the beach first in almost every race! Rawso, the starting machine, was searching for abalone (he was that deep) in the first race but still managed to skip into the bow seat without a hitch. I think he has received some real street cred for his starts after last weekend and I will put him up there against some of the great bow starters of this century -  Rod Colman, Jo Mooney and Soup Bones! Well done mate.

~ Matt L

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