States: Boaties' report

The men's boat crews showing off one of the new oars.

Silver - U/23 girls

Top 12 - U/19 men

What a sensational weekend it was for Coogee. As a boat captain, I can say I was truly proud to be able to stand on the beach Sunday morning and have both our U/23 girls and U/19 boys still fighting for medals. This is a first for Coogee. And it proves to the other clubs that we are building our junior ranks, which can only hold us in good stead for the future. These are the rowers who will be competing for Coogee at the highest level in our sport.

Conditions were great - a 2-3 ft wave on a super sunny weekend, what more could you ask for. A sucky edge on the high tide and dredgy outer bank on the low meant sweeps and crews were tested at some stage. Our location was Fingal due to there being no beach at Kingscliff! And I mean no beach.

The girls proved that consistency is the key to success. Starting quick all weekend, they once again went about their business with no fancy fan-fair and kept popping their heads up in qualifying positions. The girls now have a great combination happening in the boat, which Bec has wrangled magnificently.  The only 'all girl' crew in Australia, I know are very stoked with their silver and has given them great confidence in the lead up to the big one! Congrats girls. This is our first State medal in the U/23 female division. Yew!

The crew: Bec Hamilton, Grace "Noisy" Chapman, Olivia "I'm not as OCD as Matt Leary" Toldi, Sarah "Have you seen me dance at the Coogee Bay" Hill, Kristen "Luv a chat" Raper.

The Junior Snappers (Brett's boys) were strong all weekend. To have a junior men's crew racing on Sunday was a special occasion because the blokes just got a wiff of their potential. They made it to the minor semi-finals but unfortunately did not proceed. They had a cracker start in the first attempt at starting the race, only to have the starter call them back! Their powerhouse starts have been their strength as well as Snapper's sweeping being extremely good! ... Just ask him. Well done boys.

The crew: Snapper, Jordan "Just add alcohol" Trejbal, Mitch "Ball bag" Hardy, Nelson "PK" Kay, Cameron "My body is a temple" Rawson.

We did have some misfortune in the Reserve division. The prawns rowed very well but their cock-eyed sweep prevented them from proceeding any further as we slipped the wrong side of the gate can in our 3rd race…disqualified! I can't believe no one saw Moby Dick breach just below the bow of the boat which shifted our nose off course! I swear it’s the truth! The boys were very diplomatic about the situation. My junior men unfortunately went out in our round robin. The boys came to States ready to row and put in a great effort in their first two races. I could not deny them their commitment they showed but unfortunately the placing did not go the way we wanted in round 1 and were left chasing our tales in the latter races.

I would like to thank the Club, which supported us in towing the boats to Kingscliff. Without the assistance of these members, the boats would not have left the boat shed. Also we are sporting some new gear in the form of sweep oars proudly donated by Ian 'Northy' North, Trevor Folsom and, the one and only, David 'Luna' Park. Their assistance has not gone unnoticed and we would like to get a few photos with them on Sunday 25th March following the Aussie team meeting at the club.

I'll just finish by saying thanks to the Prawns and Blues who helped tirelessly all weekend to make the other crews race preparation a breeze.         

~ Matt L


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