State Open & Masters


In the Open championships we had some terrific wins. Amy Teale won the Open Women’s Champion Lifesaver. Our Open patrol team also took out the gold and Stu Fillman came second in the Open men’s champion lifesaver.

While Coogee was performing so well in the modern day lifesaving events, we were also stamping our class in the latter day lifesaving competition. Our Open 5 man mixed team took to the winning dais in fine form. Our Under 17 boys team also finished 4th in R&R and the under 19’s were 5th.

Other than masters, I really cannot remember us wining in the surf for some time. Ben Thornton took us to the winners circle in the Under 17 surf race on Sunday. I am told he led from start to finish in this race. It is so good to see Coogee winning again in the surf races. Ben also finished 10th in the iron man. Other results in the individual surf events included 5th place in the U19 belt race for Josh beard and 6th for Brad Horrey. Brad came 10th in the U19 surf race. Unfortunately Josh did not compete in the surf race after he broke his foot in the belt. Get well soon Josh.

Other team winners included our Under 19 boy’s beach relay team. This was an unexpected victory but well deserved and the beach captain typically lost his demeanour for the final leg. The Under 17 boys relay team finished 2nd (and 6th) and Hugh Millar picked up 3rd in the u17 sprint. Hugh had half his beard shaved off later that night. The idea being we can then run him in two legs of a relay. “He had a beard didn’t he? No he didn’t!”

Jessica Thornton was very close for a second place in the under 15 girl’s beach sprint. Jessica looked good enough to win this event all day. Remarkably, Jessica is still under 14 so will have another crack at this next year.

Other excellent results included Joey Michaels 2nd in the u17 surf board riding and Rona MacNiven 2nd in the Open 2K beach race. Can we think maybe 1st next year Rona? And can I mention Joey Todd State Finalist in the under 19 beach sprint! Same can be said for Beau Docking who made the final of the open men’s sprint along with James Moran.

 Our boats were located all the way along at Fingal beach, a fantastic area I gotta say and well worth the drive to watch our rowers. By the time a few of us got there our remaining junior team had already been eliminated in the semi final. Good effort from two junior male crews with one crew making the quarters and the other just dipping out in the semi’s. That left our Under 23 all girl crew facing up to the best in the state. The girls made it through in third place in the semi. But they saved the best fro the final race. Looking maybe a chance for a medal half way home, they bunged on a terrific finishing effort, kicked onto a wave which Bec Hamilton hung onto all the way to the beach for a very close second place. This was a fantastically exciting finish to the championships for Coogee.

Our club finished 13th overall in the championships.




Open Patrol Competition

1. Coogee (Coogee)

Open Mixed 5 Person R&R

1. Coogee (Coogee)

Under 19 Male Beach Relay

1. Coogee (CoogeeBlue)

Open Female Champion Lifesaver

1. TEALE, Amy (Coogee)

Under 17 Male Surf Race

1. THORNTON, Benjamin (Coogee)

Under 17 Male Beach Relay

2. Coogee (Coogee White) 6. Coogee (Coogee Blue

Under 23 Female Surf Boat

2. Coogee (Coogee)

Open Male Champion Lifesaver

2. FILLMAN, Stu (Coogee)

Open Female 2km Beach Run

2. MACNIVEN, Rona (Coogee)

Under 17 Male Surf Board Riding

2. MICHAEL, Joseph (Coogee)

Under 15 Female Beach Sprint

2. THORNTON, Jessica (Coogee)

Under 17 Male Beach Sprint

3. MILLAR, Hugh (Coogee)

Under 17 5 Person R&R

4. Coogee (A)

Under 19 Surf Belt Race

5. BEARD, Josh (Coogee); 6. HORREY, Brad (Coogee)

Under 19 5 Person R&R

5. Coogee (Coogee)

Open Male Beach Relay

6. Coogee (Coogee Blue)

Under 15 Male Beach Relay

6. Coogee (Coogee)

Open Male Beach Sprint

6. MORAN, James (Coogee)


For best results overall, we have to look to our oldies. They may be getting on in years but they are still stamping their authority in the water and on the beach. Last year it was our ladies who performed. They still did this year but our men picked up their act to lay the ground for a sensational 2nd overall in the Masters Championships club point score.

Individual winners included Larn Darragh in the board race, Larn and Chris Gately in the surf race, Paul Jefferson and Anthony Schubitz in Champion Lifesaver, and Nicola Logan for the beach sprints.

Team winner was our mens surf teams.




110 yrs min Mens Surf Teams Race

(1) Coogee A

35-39 yrs Mens Surf Board Race

(1) Darragh, Larn (Coogee)

35-39 yrs Mens Surf Race

(1) Darragh, Larn (Coogee) (3) Fernandez, Matt (Coogee) (4) Habler, Cameron (Coogee)

45-49 yrs Mens Surf Race

(1) Gately, Chris (Coogee) (5) Mison, Todd (Coogee)

30-39yrs Male Champion Lifesaver

(1) Jefferson, Paul (Coogee)

30-34 yrs Womens Beach Sprint

(1) Logan, Nicola (Coogee)

40yrs+ Male Champion Lifesaver

(1) Shubitz, Anthony (Coogee) (2) Gordon, Andrew (Coogee) (3) Illidge, Robert (Coogee)

40-44 yrs Womens Beach Flags

(2) Begg, Helen (Coogee) (3) Walsh, Linda (Coogee) (4) Deans, Sharon (Coogee) (5)

110 yrs min Womens Surf Teams Race

(2) Coogee A

35-39 yrs Mens Double Ski Race

(2) Coogee A

170 yrs min Womens Beach Relay

(2) Coogee Coogee

30-34 yrs Mens 2km Beach Run

(2) Croke, Conor (Coogee) (4) Keller, Ian (Coogee)

35-39 yrs Iron Man Race

(2) Habler, Cameron (Coogee)

35-39 yrs Mens Single Ski Race

(2) Habler, Cameron (Coogee)

50-54 yrs Womens Rescue Tube Race

(2) Petit, Philomena (Coogee)

50-54 yrs Womens Surf Race

(2) Petit, Philomena (Coogee)

45-49 yrs Womens Single Ski Race

(2) Roberts, Alison (Coogee)

40-44 yrs Womens Beach Sprint

(2) Walsh, Linda (Coogee) (4) Deans, Sharon (Coogee)

140 yrs min Mens Beach Relay

(3) Coogee Coogee

40-44 yrs Mens 2km Beach Run

(3) Moresi, Roger (Coogee) (5) Gibellini, Robert (Coogee)

45-49 yrs Womens Beach Flags

(3) Roberts, Alison (Coogee)

130 yrs min Womens Surf Board Relay Race

(4) Coogee A

110 yrs min Mens Taplin Relay Race

(4) Coogee X

50-54 yrs Womens Surf Board Race

(4) Petit, Philomena (Coogee)

70 yrs & over Surf Race

(4) Ward, John (Coogee)

130 yrs min Womens Taplin Relay Race

(5) Coogee A

30-34 yrs Womens Surf Race

(5) Logan, Nicola (Coogee)

70 yrs & over Rescue Tube Race

(6) Ward, John (Coogee)


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