Pacific Palms - Boat results

Well I'm into my third coffee and its not even smoko yet! What a big two days it was on Elisabeth Beach, Pacific Palms. I think the biggest thing to come out of the weekend was 'team work', 'team work', 'team work'!
3rd - Boat relay
1st - Masters
3rd - U/23 female
6th - Reserves (Prawns)
The weekend kicked off to a flying start with a 3rd place in the boat relay. After yours truly missed the can in the heat we clawed our way back to qualify through to the final. A 3rd place is a great achievement for such a young team. The reserves were up against A crews, the U/23 girls were up against Open Women and the Junior Snappers rounded off a great performance for Coogee. This is the first time Coogee has fielded a team in the final of this event..Well done!
The Masters.. where do I begin...maybe at Prince of Wales hospital because that's where they probably are right now for some much needed respite. What a weekend it was for the Coogee Codgers - not only rowing very well in the reserve division but backing up to take out the Masters event. Special mention to Humey (again! promise this will be the last time) for rowing a total of 13 races over the weekend. The team was Squiz, Bikechain, Lee, Scezza and Bouncing Benny Burdett. I bet he's not bouncing today.
The girls had a very successful weekend in what I would regard as their best carnival to date, finishing on top of the points score after six rounds they had a bit of difficulty negotiating the can in the final which otherwise would have had them on the money for 1st or 2nd. Bec has the girls going very fast indeed and should be very proud of their achievements! The Pete Power sessions and  a sneaky Cro session seems to have done wonders.
The Prawnys...well I dubbed us the Coogee Scrappers for the weekend. The boys would agree that we put in our most inconsistent performance for the season, but we still managed to place 3rd in the point score which was a very good effort and a very big positive to come out of the weekend. Not a bad thing to be disappointed with 6th place at Pac Palms boys! Especially after that start!?? A plus for the boys is that now half of the NSW coastline know they are single...maybe not a plus for half the NSW coastline.
The juniors, after tasting success last weekend, were up against some pretty lively opposition. The snappers, sitting around 6th after day one, just didn't quite put it together on day two and missed out on a finals birth. The Blues also had an indifferent weekend, finally working out that we can get off the beach quite fast in the last race on Sunday. Keep training hard boys because State is just round the corner.
Train Hard.

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