Champion Lifesaver training camp

We had a really successful 'training camp' up at Dickie Beach on the Sunshine Coast.
The trend for the weekend began when we landed at the airport on the Sunshine Coast and Michael "Scanners" Scanlan bumped into the team and instead of immediately starting his romantic weekend away with his wife, offered to go an hour out of his way to drop us to our accommodation.
As it was the Queensland state titles, we were up there as the 'Dummy Team' (a reference that we quickly insisted be changed to 'Benchmark team') and we were not eligible for places or medals.
We got up there early Friday and spent the afternoon and all of the evening watching the QLD teams as they competed in the champion lifesaver events. This was an amazing opportunity for us as Coogee has trained hard at this event on and off for about 10 years now and has in the main had disappointing results at Aussies. We needed to know exactly what the judges want and the weekend provided that in spades.
Whenever we weren't competing we were being coached by different coaches from different teams and by the judges themselves.
Our team came third in the surf teams race, third in the swim, tube, board relay, second in the theory, second in the scenario and second in the resus. When all the points were added up, we finished third by half a point out of a total possible point score of 120. Avoiding two or so errors (that we were previously unaware of) would have seen us in the vicinity of the top scorers for the day. Bloody Northcliff!
Regardless, this weekend was the most productive one that Coogee's lifesaving competition area has had in the 8 years that I've been involved with it.
Bring on States and Aussies.

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