Manly Wrap Up

Well it seems that each week one of the Coogee crews really stands up to fly the flag. This week it was the Colts girls who proudly secured a podium spot in a big 2 days of racing.

The conditions both Saturday and Sunday were testing to say the least. With a super low tide making a 3ft swell seem like twice that at times with boats being pitched left right and centre, making for a good spectacle.

All the boys crews went out on the Saturday, some in more style than others. My junior boys had to battle a nasty end in the 1st round, we snapped a sweep oar on the way out forcing us back to the beach to get another long oar and forge our way to sea again, but failing to make the cut. Sitting 3rd (in a qualifying position) in our repechage a late take off was just what the crowd came to see! A classic nose dive into a "Swan Lake" style pirouette leaving only the 2 strokes (Dave and Raf) to limp the Seddo across the line. The Blues…DQ'd

Brett's Snappers with a new look team were back to form. knocked out in the last round on Saturday they had some exceptional rows. I would like to say that the Lemo 'Have a go' award this week goes to PK (Nelson Kay) for this being his first carnival and 4th ever row. He jumped straight into the 2nd bow seat and ploughed over some good set waves like he's been doing it for years. PK is only 16 and will be a great asset to the Snappers and the Coogee Boat area.

The Prawns... Winning all our rounds and in a commanding position in the last race on Saturday, we slewed (notice I said 'WE') just before the line to allow 1st,2nd and 3rd to go on to Sunday's racing and leaving us with a pretty hollow feeling …and the Steyne Hotel with a grin from ear to ear. Anyhoo that’s surfing.

The girls qualified through Saturday's racing with ease. But it was Sunday's racing where they really shone! Conditions deteriorated over night with a nasty edge developing on the high tide and wave height sitting around the 4ft mark on a long bank. In a morning where even the senior mens crews struggled, the girls just went about their business and did everything that Bec asked of them and then some. I really think the special mention this week goes to Bec. She received a warm reception from the entire beach when they clapped the girls across the line in their first race on Sunday morning after she held a lovely little wave when most of the accomplished sweeps were slewing left and right. The girls finished 3rd overall, building a great platform to launch into the BIG carnivals. Well done! Oh and I don’t think I formally welcomed Sarah into the Coogee Clan. Sarah is the new bowman (from Cape Hawk I think Sarah?) so please make yourselves known when you see them on the beach.

Thanks to the 3 boys crews who stuck around on Sunday to help both Coogee girls and Termy's Southport colts girls crew. Oh and Termite's crew who were in the final and a nose in front when they were pulverised in alley 2, upside down and out of contention.

Train Hard,


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