Young Guns Collaroy


Girls skipped unfortunately skipped the wanda carnival due to a niggling injury from one of the crew but the rest day served them well. Tc had close to 30 girls crews, larger than last years Australian titles and no-one was missing in terms of the guns crew, including Termites Australian Champs from last year and the top ranked crews from across the various rowing states.

The girls had a shocker of a start to the day, not only forgetting the rowlocks which did arrive before racing (thanks Nana) but the gun went off and the crew beside them were like a magnet and we were tangled up in a hairy situation on the edge. We finished last but the referee gave us the green light for some better points. The day then started again and the girls didn’t look back displaying a huge level of maturity and enjoying the positive effects of their new year fitness kicking in, the shorter 15 foot oars in the chop and just a give it all attitude. 1st and 2nd into the qtr finals, and we caught the runner for heaven in the second race about 10 strokes out of the can to the beach….it was one hell of a ride. I had not charged up the go-pro camera but this would have been unreal to be on board with us.

2nd in the qtr finals, and 3rd in the minor semi from alley 1 (the alley no-one wanted).

Into the major semi, we were unlucky to be hit of the start the girls rowed back a good two boat lengths to be back in the race, the runner we needed on the way home sat up for us on  and we were on it….well, one more stroke and we would have been but it wasn’t to be…I stopped them rowing thinking we were over it and it fattened up to push us off the back. My error in judgment resulted in us just missing the final but the girls and I all walked away achieving more than we ever expected given it was only the 6th time the crew has been together. We had great support from Kris and Sarahs families and Grace’s BF! Not forgetting Olive Nana who went from Manly to Maroubra and back to Collaroy (when the bridge was closed) to get the rowlocks.

A great effort from the girls and looks like it’s my turn to wash the boat this week. ;-(. Looking forward to a great weekend racing at Manly this weekend.

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