Wanda Intercities Boats Report


With the weather looking a little ominous as we awoke on Saturday morning the 3 lads crews set off for Wanda greenhills, land of the 'peeking Tom', to compete in the much anticipated intercities surf carnival. Surf conditions were a little tricky for some of the inexperienced sweeps (namely Coogee's!) but made for a great day of racing! A 2 to 3ft swell in a strong sou-easterly breeze made the row home a lot of fun thrown in with a long bank keeping the sweeps honest.

Snappers boys were forced to row in the ressys division due to young Macca (former 2nd bowman) flying the coup. Macca has now taken up Ballet at the Sydney Theatre Dance Company! So in his absence my boys (Dave & Morgan) once again backed up to fill the void. The boys rowed exceptionally well in pretty tough conditions and managed to place 3rd, 3rd and 4th against crews much more experienced than themselves! In fact they did take ground off the Mona Vale crew in their 2nd race which was no mean feat. The boys unable to make the final out of the round robin but able to hold their heads high as they continue to improve each weekend. They have also landed themselves a new bowman as of an hour ago.

My junior crew, in their first proper "surf" carnival, I would have to say were the most improved for the day. looking somewhat pedestrian in their first race, after getting a bit of a touch up on the way home, they set about getting things right in the proceeding races. Their last race was race of the day, with the boys nabbing a great little wave on the way home. The most outstanding award goes to Blake and Rawso for their bowmanship. And Rawso also for going the whole day without a shirt in minus 15 conditions. A special mention goes to Snapper who held 2 lovely waves in the early rounds.. but that was about it.

Last but not least, the Prawns almost brought home the bacon after finishing 2nd in the final to Austinmer's old A crew. Once again showing consistency in their rowing and leading the way forward for the younger crews. The secret must be that extra Saturday night session boys???

Reserves (The Prawns) - 2nd

Snappers Juniors (competing in the reserves) - Round robin

My Juniors (the Blues) - 4th

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