North Cronulla Carnival


North Cronulla Carnival December 17 2011


The North Cronulla carnival lived up to our expectations on Saturday, not so much because of lack of competitors but because sea conditions saw the cancelation of boat and ski events and all other water events moved to Cronulla. All that was left at North Cronulla was R&R (dry run throughs only) and the beach events.

Special mention for the day is Joey Michael, only U17 but finished second in the open board display event. Joey is a sensation on a surfboard and is close to picking up a sponsor for his board riding efforts. Hope we don’t lose him from the club anytime soon for a professional board riding career.


From what I could see of the other water events, there seemed to be quite reasonable numbers competing. Best of our results here was Ben Thornton who finished third in the Under 17 surf race. Clayton Cantarella and Luke Bond made the final of their board race (U15 and U14) Jamie Bargenda and Ben Thornton likewise in the U17 board. Our U17 board relay team finished 6th.


R&R U17 girls finished second in their event and a well done 4th in the U19’s. The boys team were 4th in the U17 R&R.

On the beach, 16 year old Hugh Millar won the open beach sprint (fantastic result Hugh) and Jessica Thornton, showing her usual classy form and who is under 14’s won the under 15 race.

In the Under 17’s sprint, Jack Harrison, fresh from six gruelling weeks of Bronze training (congrats on that Jack…I feel safer entering the water already…and may do so one day) came 5th in the sprint final and was 2nd in the beach flags. Joey Michael, still a bit tight after his board riding efforts, ran well in his sprint and Alex Peterson was 3rd in the U17 flags. Ewan Breeze was 5th in the U16 sprint and 4th in the flags. Newcomer Jessica Kite rounded out the day for us by making the final of the U17 girls sprint.

For the relays, Our Under 17 girls relay team had their first hit out and finished third. Good effort Ruby, Michaela, Jessica T. and Jessica K. Also a terrific run by our U17 beach relay (Alex, Jack, Joey and Hugh) who came second in the open event and then went on to play dropsy with the baton in the u17 race but still ran in 2nd. Likewise for our U15 team who needed the services of a young lad from Cronulla to make up a team. This put our order of running out and they also dropped the baton.

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