Sunday Events - 16/11/2014

It was a very mixed day at Coogee on Sunday. Just as I finished setting the cones at Coogee Oval so Joey Todd and me could run Brian Johnsons sprint session, the rain came belting down. This saw the cancellation of sprint training and the eventual close of the Minnows water activities. So too did we cancel our surf race due to the “stinky” water. Our paddlers trained so far out to sea you could hardly see them.

The situation at Wylie’s a few hours later was altogether different with the sun coming out in full force for our annual Coogee Surf Club V Coogee Diggers Swimming Club 20 man relay.

This relay is won by the team who comes closest to their estimated time. So the hardest part is to work out what time you might swim the 45.72 metres (thankyou Beau Docking for the lesson in yards and metres). Both teams couldn’t come within cooee but the “Diggers” did best at -17 seconds. We were -35 seconds.

Who cares? The sun came out and we enjoyed a BBQ in one of the best locations on the planet.

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