Coogee performs well at Branch Championships

Was it my imagination or did I, at one point during the afternoon, hear the announcer read out the overall point score and Coogee were in second place to, I think Wanda, in the Branch Championships on Saturday?

One thing I did not imagine was a great haul of medals and finalists from Coogee in the craft area. We have wanted some board paddlers for a decade or so now. Seems we got 'em at last and now we have to send 25 boards and skis over to Perth. Serves us right I guess.

Congratulations to our wonderful young (and old) boardies on a great weekend. On Saturday we also had a near clean sweep in the boats and the usual good form on the beach. Excellent results also from R&R.

Oh…and our March Past team had their second outing with point score improving from 18 at Coogee to 8 at Branch. We also beat arch nemesis Clovelly.


~ Warwick Everingham


Ben Thornton

Coogee craft team


Jamie Bargenda


Line Lauridsen


Tom and Sam, silver in board rescue


Team warm-up


Will and Clay

Jack Harrison, Gold open and U19 flags


Tim Watts

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