Branch Championships: Boats

An average looking day with a humid drizzle and a slight swell chop with no wind. Coogee fronted 5 crews which was an outstanding show of force on the beach. The crews were the A's (A's), Reserves (Cunji), Colts (Tezza Heads), new comers from Clovelly rowing Reserves (B's), as well as the return of some greats forming a stellar Masters/Reserves crew (Midlife Crisis).
The format for A's and Reserves included 4 rounds cutting straight to a final. The A's first races was a 'barry crocker' and Lee's silence in the tent said it all, although the boys showed exactly how to act after a bad one by winning most of the rest. Their final was a sensational race with the shaved down Matthew Leary finding the slightest of swells that the boys managed to jusssst get over - you little beauty! The boys are looking good and if Tezza still has enough energy as he did when the final was over to cry out like William Wallace, the competition should look out.
Cunji had some sharping with the help of Feathers throughout the week and the results paid dividends. Their warm-up rowing over from Coog saw that they were on the money from race 1. A special race in Round 4 saw North Cronulla crash straight into the boys off the start. After untangling oars the boys were well and truly last but took it on and rowed back to take second - easily their best row for the day. The final had its ups and downs with a good start and lead but then a sloppy buoy turn and small runs in their alley. They were lucky in the end to claim the Steven Bradbury win after both Bondi and Cronulla slewed on the swell infront.
The Tezza Heads rowed solid consistent races that can be seen in their results. The Colts format was different with a straight 5 round point score. Despite often being found lying down under the tent between races they definitely didn't during with cracking starts, good out through the chop and working the runners well coming home. The boys showed that they are a definite force to be reckoned with downing the overall winners in Round 4 and taking the Silver overall. Solid racing boys - keep it up!
The Cloey lads decided they'd try and see what was in the Coogee water and had discussed the move in weeks prior. Despite being a relatively green crew they showed that they definitely have some power. From bum starts they often went toe to toe with other crews for the first section through the break but unfortunately couldn't hold on for as long as they would have liked.

Swept by Matt they kept him on his toes reminding him how good it feels to get flung from the boat like a booger from the end of your finger in race 1. Not sure if the boys are rowing again this season but hopefully they are back next (Side Note - we will need more sweeps so everyone start talking).
The legends were back and showing they might actually be about midlife going back to back with the young ones. Cruising their opening race to take the Masters Silver they were told to turn immediately around to row in race 1 for the Reserves. The excitement in the boat was electric with Coota crying out in rejoice (or pain, not sure). Their 3rd race was their best coming in within a half a boat of 1st. Unfortunately the guys just slipped out of the final but still had a great day of racing - and a few cold ones at the club after.
"Coogee - Coogee - Coogee" was heard by all at the end of Saturday - well done boys!
5th (Round 1), 1st (Round 2), 3rd (Round 3), 1st(Round 4), 1st (Final)


1st (Round 1), 1st (Round 2), 3rd (Round 3), 2nd(Round 4), 1st (Final)


Tezza Heads
2nd (Round 1), 2nd (Round 2) , 2nd (Round 3) , 1st(Round 4) , 2nd (Round 5) to take 2nd(Overall)


4th (Round 1), 4th (Round 2), 3rd (Round 3), 5th (Round 4)


Midlife Crisis (Masters)
2nd (the one and only)


Midlife Crisis (Reserves)
3rd (Round 1), 3rd (Round 2), 2nd (Round 3), 4th (Round 4)
Showing promise in all divisions other crews will now be after us. So let's take it on boys as we head for Pac Palms next weekend.
~ Cameron Upton

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