Queenscliff Carnival

Only our Under 17 beach sprinters attended the Queenscliff carnival last Saturday.
It gives me a chance to praise the virtues of these lads. It is only a few years ago, John McDonald and I were watching our then Under 15 team at the State Titles. The conversation went something like, "they aren't so good are they? So long as they are enjoying themselves I guess."

On Saturday, Tom Fagan and Ben McDonald made the final of the Under 17 beach sprint  with Tom finishing 2nd and Ben 6th. This is a terrific outcome for these boys and has been made possible by their very conscientious approach to training. Tom trains with the beach team and puts in extra time with his father each week. Ben McDonald has not missed one training session for three years and always does a little extra. They are both a great example to other competitors.

Jake Irvine, a year younger than the others, didn't fare too well in the sprint but picked up 2nd  in the beach flags later in the day. He could/should have won this event but his last flag was not as good as the rest. Luke Bond, also a year young in the age division also competed in the flags and did very well for 3rd.

In the relay, Luke Bond ran first and took the team into 2nd place, Ben McDonald ran well to put the team into the lead. Tom Fagan, thinking it would be easy from here, mistakenly allowed the Collaroy boys into the lead again but Jake Irvine came out with great change to put us 4 metres in front and held it to the end. The Under 17 relay team are firming as one of our clubs best chances at champion ship carnivals in the months ahead.

Luke Bond


Ben McDonald


Jake Irvine and Tom Fagan at the relay interchange



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