Boats wrap-up

Well the first carnival back for the A's and Colts for the New Year, and hopefully the Christmas/New Years cobwebs are well and blown out. The weekend before the Reserves and Masters (Sometimes Resie's) felt the blow down at Wanda.
Brief results from Wanda saw the Reserves (Cunji) do quite well winning their 4 heats and crossing first by a nose in the final. Unfortunately even with the brick 'Dunny' as a fill in the Masters (rowing Reserves) were unable to make the final but did taste the sweetness of the Taren Point Hotel on the way home.
Saturday at Queenscliff was a great learning curve for all crews. The three crews that competed included the A's (A's), the Colts (Tezza Heads) and the Reserves (Cunji). All crews conducted themselves with great maturity each backing up the other showing great team support and assistance around the water. The wind swell provided just enough of a bump to keep the races interesting and the deep bank added another dimension to the races sometimes fattening out the teasing runners. The format included a rather ruthless 2 rounds of heats going straight into semi's then the final.


The A's did rather well considering swapping Mitch from second bow to stroke and having young Jack filling in rowing 2 divisions (A's and Colts). Unfortunately, they missed out by 0.01 of a point on making it thru to the minor semi. The Tezza Heads showed great promise for the future with some great pieces of rowing in their heats. Likewise they also just missed out in the points on making it through to the next round despite a great effort in heat 2 almost coming back to catch 2nd.


The Cunji continued with some good form from the previous week; however, they also learnt how easily things can turn when complacency creeps in. Overall doing well to make it through 4 races, unfortunately getting knocked out in the major semi. The overall results were:
A's                               Heat 1 (4th), Heat 2 (4th)
Tezza Heads                Heat 1 (4th), Heat 2 (3rd)
Cunji                            Heat 1 (1st), Heat 2 (4th), Minor Semi (1st), Major Semi (5th)
Next weekend is Manly, one of the biggest carnivals of the season outside State and Aussies. The same 3 crews that attended Queenscliff will be going back again carrying what they have taken from the last weekend.


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