Wanda Carnival Saturday 11 Jan – Results

~ Warwick Everingham

A hot day and much hotter competition greeted the Beach team at the Wanda carnival - with many of the power clubs showing their hand for the first time this season.

First off, good to see our young boardies again making finals in board relays. Our Open boat crew (which is actually usually our reserve crew) won the open boat final in an exciting and very close race. Our lads had to win it from behind with a powerful exhibition on the way home from the buoys.

Best performance on the beach came from Tom Fagan just getting nutted in the Under 17s final and Jake Irvine who convincingly won the flags and 4th in the sprint.

In the girls Nubia Mendes just missed a place in a blanket finish of the under 15s sprint and again in the flags, but it was good to see Olivia Karras and Gabby Fagan be rewarded for their efforts by qualifying for the final.

In the beach relays our Under 17 boys and Under 15 girls won well, while the Opens had a case of the dropsies.

Whilst we had some good performances the key learning from Wanda is that more dedication to training is needed to compete with the stronger clubs this year.


The Highlight of the Day:
The official unveiling of the new tent cover - just in time to cope with a scorching 30 degree + day!

The new tent




Men's Open Boat 1st


Beach Sprint Finals


Opens/19s: Luke Irvine 6th

Under 17: Tom Fagan 2nd. Jake Irvine 4th

Under 15: Will Harrison 4th, Hugh France 5th


Under 15: Nubia Mendes 4th, Olivia Karras 6th, Gab Fagan 7th


Beach Relays

Opens/19s: 3rd. Luke Irvine, Jack Harrison, Tim Watts & Beau Docking

Under 17 Boys: 1st. Jake Irvine, Ben McDonald, Tom Fagan & Tasman Short

Under 15 Boys: 2nd. Will Harrison, Hugh France, Luke Bond and Jack Cuthbert

Under 15 Girls: 1st. Olivia Karras, Gab Fagan, Nubia Mendes & Heidi Cummings


Beach Flags

Under 17 Boys: Jake Irvine 1st, Tasman Short 3rd, Ben McDonald 4th

Under 15 Boys: Hugh France 4th

Under 15 Girls: Nubia Mendes 4th


Water Events

Under 15

Tom Foley – Ironman Final 10th

Issac – Board Final 8th

Board Relay – 4th,  Sam Cantarella, Issac & Harrison Smith


Under 17

Clay Cantarella – Board Final 12th,    Ironman Final

Will Mison – Tube 4th, Ironman 8th

Board Relay – Jack Cuthbert, Will Mison & Clay Cantarella


Under 19

Jake Smith – Open Board Final

Ben Thornton – Open Board Final 11th, Surf Swim 9th

Open Swim Teams – 2nd Jamie Bargenda, Jake Smith, Will Mison & Ben Thornton


Luke Irvine, flags


Board riders


Tom Fagan


Jake Irvine and Beau Docking


Men's open crew winners at wanda

Tom Fagan


U15 girls relay Gabby Fagan Heidi Cummings Olivia Karras Nubia







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