NSW State Age Championships

Anyone who travelled north last weekend for the State Age Championships will agree it was a horrendous few days.

Our junior competitors who attended these championships camped out over the weekend in torrential rain and a howling wind. Conditions on land were matched in the sea with high, choppy surf and muddy brown waters presumably form all the run off form the rain.

Timetables were abandoned, Friday events were postponed, and many events were not run at all. I have some results as follows:
All age beach relay we came 4th after a dropped baton (what'd anyone expect with 7 runners and 6 changes. Hard enough with 3 changes)

Ethan Smith 3rd U8 beach sprint and 6th in beach flags
Laura Wilson 5th in U10 surf race
Alexia Osler 4th in the u10 beach sprint
Asher Wilson 4th U10 beach sprint and 5th in beach flags
Will Fagan 5th in U12 beach sprint
Nubia Mendes 4th U13 beach sprint 6th beach flags
Heidi Cummings 5th U13 beach sprint
Harriet Lowe 5th U14 beach flags

I know also a couple of our juniors made it through to the semi-finals in the board race. We also had many runners in the semi-finals.

Unfortunately for Coogee, the officials decided to cancel all beach relays. Our junior runners were greatly saddened by this as this is what they had focused on and trained so hard for all season. I can say we had at least 4 teams which could have won their event and a good number of other teams which would have medalled. So sorry for the many people who coached our junior runners this year, namely Michael Parsons, Michael Fagan, Paul Kofod, Luke Star, Joey Todd, Justin Richardson, James Moran and Hugh Millar. Thanks also to Humphrey and Dave Habler for training our board paddlers. I am sure there is an army of other people providing water safety and also providing training expertise on weekends. I am just not entirely aware of all of them.

On the way back to my car I ran into our Open patrol competition team. Amy Teale, Rob Illidge, Paul Jefferson, Stu Filman, Andrew Gordon and Anthony Schubitz were finishing off their event. These guys did us proud by winning the event. So Coogee is the champion patrol comp club in NSW. Congratulation team Coogee!

Amy Teale



Well done all. Just a shame the season's big event for our Minnows competitors was such a disaster. I initially spent a bit of time telling all the weather at Aussie titles Ocean Grove in '69 was worse, but by the end of the day on Saturday I had changed my mind and was glad to get out of the joint. Oh well. Move on to next season all!

~ Warwick (Competition Director)

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